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Defense Against Mortgage Fraud Allegations

Mortgage fraud is widely recognized as one of the leading contributing factors to the housing crisis experienced a few years back. Since that time, the federal government has increased its efforts to aggressively prosecute those suspected of lending or mortgage fraud. If you are being investigated for mortgage fraud, it is important you retain the counsel of a Knoxville mortgage fraud attorney at once.

Attorney Kurtz is more than qualified to defend you against state or federal mortgage fraud charges. He is well-versed on criminal law, as well as the federal laws and regulations governing the mortgage lending industry.

For 18 years he and his firm have been providing comprehensive legal representation to individuals facing charges for white collar crimes, including mortgage fraud. He takes pride in taking a proactive approach to his clients' defense and staying one step ahead of the prosecution. When you have him advocating on your behalf, you will be able to take comfort in knowing your case is in good hands.

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Reports indicate that close to 10 percent of all mortgage applications nationwide contain some type of innocent error, inadvertent mistake or intentional omission. Making a mistake or error on a mortgage application is not a crime. When you intentionally do so for the purpose of obtaining a mortgage through fraudulent means, you have committed a criminal offense. Proving intent in mortgage fraud cases is not always easily done, yet it is something prosecutors will aggressively pursue.

Any time an individual falsifies income statements and expenses, tax forms such as W-2s and 1099 forms, tax returns, property appraisals or other documents required to obtain a mortgage or home loan, it can lead to allegations of fraud. Even omitting pertinent information on a mortgage application can be construed as fraud. Other examples of mortgage fraud include property flipping, equity skimming, inflated appraisals and identity theft. Penalties for mortgage fraud can include prison time, expensive fines, restitutions, probation and more.

In these types of cases, claiming innocence is not an effective defense. You need a lawyer on your side who is committed to doing what is in your best interests. Any delay in retaining legal counsel could have a dramatic impact on your case. Hire Robert R. Kurtz, Attorney at Law. Work with him to uncover the basis for the investigation into your alleged mortgage fraud. From that can be built a compelling strategy for your defense.

If you need legal representation in a mortgage fraud investigation, you are advised to speak with a Knoxville mortgage fraud lawyer today.


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