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Don't Face Your Drug Trafficking Charges Alone

Penalties related to drug trafficking are incredibly severe and can lead to life-changing consequences if you do not have the proper defense. At Robert R. Kurtz, Attorney at Law, our Knoxville drug trafficking defense lawyer has more than a decade and a half of experience and has helped a plethora of individuals successfully fight their drug crime charges.

No matter how incriminating the evidence against you may seem, our firm can work hard to establish a solid defense to help minimize or completely eliminate your charges. Drug trafficking is defined as the production, distribution, and sale of illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and methamphetamines. This drug crime is considered a felony.

You can also be facing drug trafficking charges if you distribute prescription drugs, such as sleeping pills or pain killers.

If you are facing federal or state drug trafficking charges, you need legal assistance to ensure you do not face harsh legal penalties. Fortunately, help is just a phone call away. Call Robert R. Kurtz, Attorney at Law for a free case evaluation.

Consequences of Drug Trafficking

The penalties of drug trafficking convictions vary depending on whether this is your first, second, or subsequent charge, as well as the circumstances surrounding your case.

Potential penalties of drug trafficking include:

  • Lengthy jail sentence
  • High fines
  • Long-term probation or parole
  • Mandatory drug counseling

No matter what type of penalties you are facing, they can be damaging to your reputation and your future. Those who have a criminal record may find it difficult to obtain a job. This is why it is vital you hire a professional, aggressive Knoxville criminal defense lawyer who is willing to fight your charges in court and ensure your rights are protected at all times.

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At Robert R. Kurtz, Attorney at Law, we want our clients to have the best possible futures after facing criminal charges. If you want to learn how we can help you fight your drug trafficking charges, please contact our office today to schedule a free consultation. Our lawyer will sit down with you to discuss your case at length, as well as determine a plan of action.

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