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Tennessee Sex Offender Laws

State laws require any individual convicted of committing a felony sexual offense to register as a sex offender within 48 hours of his or her release from custody. If you are worried about facing mandatory sex offender registration, you need to obtain the counsel of a skilled Knoxville sex crime lawyer at his law firm forthwith.

For many years now his firm has aggressively defended the rights of those individuals charged with a sex crime or other criminal offense. Attorney Kurtz is an exceptional lawyer with a 10.0 Superb Rating on Avvo. He is compassionate to his clients' needs and truly understands all that is at stake.

Mounting a compelling defense may be your only chance of being able to avoid conviction and sex offender registration. With Mr. Kurtz's legal guidance, your odds of obtaining the positive outcome you seek will increase exponentially.

Individuals who are repeat sexual offenders or who use physical violence in the commission of a sexual offense pose a serious risk to the community at large. These individuals will not only face harsh penalties upon conviction, but they could be required to maintain registration on the sex offender registry for life. Sex offenders who prey on children will also be subject to the same requirements.

Aggravated assault, incest, compelling prostitution of a minor, possession or distribution of child pornography and rape are all examples of violent sexual offenses. Sex offender registrants should have no expectation of privacy. Once your name is on the sex offender registry, information pertaining to your appearance, place of residence, the details of your conviction, employment status and other personal information will be accessible by the general public. Failure to register will only result in further legal complications. The revocation of an offender's probation or parole is a common penalty for those who neglect to adhere to sex offender registry requirements.

Robert R. Kurtz, Attorney at Law Offender Registry Legal Counsel

If you have been charged with a felony sexual offense, hire Robert R. Kurtz, Attorney at Law as your Knoxville sex crime attorney. You stand a much greater chance of avoiding conviction and mandatory sex offender registration with him fighting on your behalf. Attorney Kurtz can also provide legal representation to those individuals who have been wrongfully convicted of committing a sex crime and want to clear their good name.

He will not judge you or treat you with disrespect. He is candid with his advice and proactive in his defense approach. When you hire his firm, he will provide you with the level of professional service you deserve. It is his intention to do everything he can to prove the facts of your case so you can see justice served.

Call his firm now. Discuss your legal options. Find out what he and his legal team can do for you.


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