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Boating Under the Influence Charges in the Knoxville, TN Area

The penalties for BUI are serious, and similar to DUI penalties. At Robert R. Kurtz, Attorney at Law, the lead attorney has been named Top DUI Attorney in Knoxville by Cityview Magazine. He has been rated BV Distinguished by Martindale-Hubbell, the most respected attorney rating service, and has earned a 10/10 Superb Rating from Avvo.

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When you need top quality defense counsel, you have come to the right place. Whether you were charged on Fort Loudoun Lake, Norris Lake, Douglas Lake, Cherokee Lake, Watts Bar Lake or other body of water in the area, the Knoxville BUI attorney at the firm should get into action for you immediately. The sooner the firm gets involved, the more likely you will walk away with no further legal problems.

Penalties for a BUI Conviction in Tennessee

The penalties for BUI are significant. Under the Tennessee Code, it is illegal to operate any vessel while under the influence of any intoxicant. These intoxicants include alcohol, marijuana, narcotic or any drug that produces a stimulant effect on the nervous system. This includes legally prescribed drugs that could affect your ability to safely operate any boat or other watercraft.

The penalties imposed in a conviction can include the following:

  • Minimum mandatory jail time of 30 days.
  • Up to 1 year jail time.
  • Fines up to $5,000.
  • Suspension of boating license for up to 10 years.
  • Probation.
  • Community Service.
  • Restitution for any damages.
  • Mandatory substance abuse treatment.
  • Boat or vessel forfeiture.

Defense Strategies for a BUI Charge

How do you defend against a BUI charge? The first step is to get a top quality criminal lawyer on your side. Keep your criminal record clean-fight the charges by calling up the professional Knoxville BUI defense attorney from Robert R. Kurtz, Attorney at Law.

The defense case could involve various strategic actions, including the following:

  • Errors in the arrest process.
  • Failure to correctly administer BAC testing.
  • Illegal police stop.
  • False readings by faulty testing unit.
  • Testing unit with a history of errors.
  • Incorrectly calibrated testing unit.
  • Medical conditions affecting BAC testing results.

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