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Are you being investigated for allegedly conspiring to commit a crime? Have you been accused of conspiracy or do you suspect conspiracy charges are imminent? Zealous legal representation may be the only way to help you avoid a criminal conviction. In this type of situation, you will need to hire a Knoxville conspiracy lawyer who has experience preparing conspiracy defense strategies. Attorney Kurtz has a long track record of success.

He also has a hard-earned reputation for being unrelenting in the pursuit of justice for his clients. In one Federal Hobbs Act conspiracy case involving 38 defendants, he was able to get a clients' sentence reduced from a potential mandatory life sentence (under Three Strikes Law) to a 58-month sentence.

If you need help fighting conspiracy accusations or charges, Attorney Kurtz is prepared to assist with your criminal defense.

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Without proper representation, a conspiracy accusation can quickly lead to much harsher charges and penalties. Understanding your legal rights and reviewing your defense options with a skilled Knoxville conspiracy attorney will be extremely beneficial to your case. One of the things many people do not realize is that no actual crime need have been committed for conspiracy charges to be filed.

Conspiracy is simply an agreement made between two or more people to engage in an unlawful or criminal act at a later point in time. Intent is essential to a conspiracy case. Unless the prosecution can prove the parties had the intent to execute the agreement and took some overt act to forward the agreement, they cannot be convicted for conspiracy.

Conspiracy is a white collar crime that can be charged on its own or in combination with other offenses. For example, if the prosecution can provide clear evidence to show an individual not only committed a criminal offense, but he or she conspired with another to do so, that individual will face multiple charges and increased penalties.

If you want to find out what he and his firm can do to help you avoid a conspiracy conviction, call Robert R. Kurtz, Attorney at Law now.


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