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A federal drug conspiracy is an agreement between two or more people to commit a state or federal crime. It is often charged in federal cases in conjunction with other drug crimes, such as trafficking. Upon conviction, the penalties are severe, including mandatory minimums for prison terms. If you are facing state or federal charges of drug conspiracy, it is crucial to immediately hire a seasoned Knoxville drug crime attorney to represent you. Robert R. Kurtz, Attorney at Law is one of the most trusted and successful criminal lawyers in the state.

He has a Martindale-Hubbell® BV® Rating and a 10.0 "Superb" Rating on Avvo. Do not settle for anyone else! Attorney Kurtz has 18 years of criminal defense experience, and is admitted to practice in both state and federal courts. He knows how to negotiate with the prosecution, and if necessary, aggressively litigate your case.

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Defending Yourself Against Drug Conspiracy Charges

The burden of proof on the prosecution is incredibly broad in the matter of federal drug conspiracy. In order to establish conspiracy, the government must prove only two things:

  • There was an agreement between at least two people to violate federal or state drug laws
  • The defendant knew about the plan and agreed to be a part of it

There are several possible defenses to drug crime conspiracy. Can the prosecution prove that the defendant actually knew what was going on? If the defendant did not know, he or she cannot be found guilty. In some cases, the prosecution proves that a conspiracy involving the defendant existed, but it is a different conspiracy and irrelevant to the present case.

How Robert R. Kurtz, Attorney at Law Can Help

As a knowledgeable Knoxville criminal defense lawyer, Attorney Robert R. Kurtz will thoroughly examine and evaluate your case for any evidence of illegal search and seizure or violation of your rights on the part of law enforcement. He will file motions with the court to suppress any evidence unlawfully obtained, so you can trust that your case will be in capable hands.

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