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Founding Attorney Robert R. Kurtz is dedicated to fighting for clients' rights, no matter how complex or simple a case may be. Due to his belief that solid preparation, thorough representation, and honest advice yield the most positive case results, Attorney Kurtz has earned a 10.0 Superb Rating by Avvo. With more than a decade of legal experience representing clients accused of crimes at the state and federal levels, Attorney Kurtz is the Knoxville criminal defense lawyer to trust to defend you against criminal allegations in Knoxville.

To learn how Robert R. Kurtz, Attorney at Law can be of assistance in your criminal defense or federal crime case, read through the recent case results provided here. By reading through the firm's impressive case result history, you can learn about how the firm has provided peace of mind and satisfactory results to clients with legal issues similar to yours. Though the exact same results cannot be guaranteed, the firm provides the same experience and effective personal approach to every criminal defense case in pursuit of significant results

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    • Aggravated Assault - Violent Crimes Charge Dismissed.

      Client charged with Aggravated Assault after threatening victim with knife. After interviewing witnesses and negotiation with prosecutor, charge dismissed.

    • Aggravated Burgluary - Theft Probation

      Aggravated Burglary; Coercion of a Witness. Probation.

    • Aggravated Sexual Exploitation - Sex Crimes Probation

      Aggravated Sexual Exploitation of a Minor (21 Counts). Probation.

    • Attempted First Degree Murder - Murder Charge Reduced

      Attempted First Degree Murder. After extensive investigation charge reduced to misdemeanor Simple Assault on the eve of trial.

    • Child Pornography Investigation - Sex Crimes No Charges Filed

      Child Pornography Investigation. After extensive investigation and forensic analysis of computer, no charges filed.

    • Direct Criminal Contempt - Federal Crimes Case Dismissed

      Client held in Direct Criminal Contempt and sentenced to 500 days in jail. Robert R. Kurtz hired for appeal. Charges dropped and case dismissed.

    • Drug Possession - Drug Crimes Not Guilty

      Possession with Intent to Resale Roxycodone (4 Counts). Client found not guilty as to all counts after jury trial.

    • DUI - DUI Charges Reduced

      Client charged with DUI, Implied Consent Violation, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Felony Possession Schedule II (Oxycodone) and Felony Possession of Schedule II (Suboxone). Charges reduced to Reckless Driving and Simple Possession all other charges dismissed. Unsupervised probation.

    • DUI - DUI Case Dismissed

      DUI. Case Dismissed.

    • DUI - DUI Case Dismissed

      DUI. Dismissed after providing prosecutor with favorable drug and alcohol assessment.

    • Federal Access Device Fraud - Federal Crimes Probation

      Federal Access Device Fraud. Client facing 37-46 months imprisonment. After extensive sentencing hearing, probation with no jail time.

    • Federal Cigarette Tax Fraud - Federal Crimes Probation

      Federal Cigarette Tax Fraud. Probation.

    • Federal Drug Conspiracy - Federal Crimes Case Dismissed

      Federal Drug Conspiracy (200,000+ Oxycodone pills) and Money Laundering involving 20 defendants. Dismissed.

    • Federal Drug Conspiracy - Federal Crimes 15 Months

      Multi-defendant Federal Crack Cocaine Conspiracy where client was facing mandatory minimum sentence of 60 months. 15 months.

    • Federal Drug Conspiracy - Federal Crimes Probation

      Federal Drug Conspiracy (Oxycodone) and Money Laundering where client faced up to 20 years in prison. Probation.

    • Federal Drug Conspiracy - Federal Crimes Probation

      Federal multi-state methamphetamine conspiracy with multiple defendants. Probation.

    • Federal Drug Conspiracy - Federal Crimes Reduced Sentence

      Federal Drug Conspiracy (Oxycodone) involving multiple defendants. Client facing up to 20 years. 18 months.

    • Federal DUI - Federal Crimes Acquitted

      Federal DUI (3rd offense). Client acquitted after bench trial.

    • Federal Hobbs Act Conspiracy - Federal Crimes Negoatiated Settlement

      Federal Hobbs Act Conspiracy involving 38 defendants. Client facing mandatory life sentence under Three Strikes Law. After a week of trial, negotiated settlement of 58 months.

    • Rape - Sex Crimes Acquittal

      Rape of a Child; Aggravated Sexual Battery. Jury Trial resulted in acquittal on 8 counts and hung jury on 2 counts.

    • Underage DUI - DUI Case Dismissed

      Juvenile client charged with DUI, Underage Possession of Alcohol, and Leaving Scene of Accident. Case Dismissed.

    • Vehicular Assault; DUI - DUI Probation

      2 Counts Vehicular Assault, DUI 3rd offense. Probation with no jail time.

    • Violation of Sex Offender Registry - Sex Crimes Case Dismissed

      Violation of Sex Offender Registry. Case Dismissed.