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Understanding Tennessee’s Burglary Laws

According to state law an individual is committing burglary when he or she enters a building or residence with the express intent of committing a felony crime, such as theft or assault, within its premises. A felony crime need not have been committed for charges to be filed.

Simply having the intent or making an attempt to commit a felony theft or assault is all that is required for an individual to find him- or herself facing burglary charges. Many people often make the mistake of using the terms interchangeably, burglary is not the same as robbery. Robbery involves the actual theft of property through violence or intimidation. The penalties for a burglary charge can include between 2-12 in prison and fines up to $5,000.

Have you been accused of burglary? If so, you may be wondering how to succeed in your fight against burglary charges. Fighting criminal charges is not a simple task. You will need a compelling defense strategy and a lawyer devoted to your cause. A Knoxville burglary lawyer from his firm is well-qualified to provide you with the aggressive representation you will need when fighting this type of theft crime charge.

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When you retain Mr. Kurtz's services, you can trust that he will take a proactive approach to your defense. He will review the evidence against you and do everything possible to safeguard your rights. He has represented clients in both state and federal court. He takes a vested interest in each case he represents, as he understands that your ability to get your good name cleared rests in his hands.

If you are facing burglary charges, you are advised to waste no time in seeking legal assistance from the Knoxville burglary attorney at his firm. As soon as you are placed under arrest, you need to exercise your right to remain silent. Do not agree to submit to any questioning in a burglary investigation without your attorney present.

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