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Do I Have to Consent to a Blood or Breath Test in Tennessee?


If you have been issued a state driver's license you have already given your implied consent to undergo blood or breath tests in the event that you are pulled over for a suspected DUI. While you are not required by law to submit to a field sobriety test, the law does require that you take a breath test or blood test if a law enforcement officer asks you to do so. Refusing to submit to such testing could result in the immediate revocation of your driving privileges for up to 5 years and you may be facing a mandatory jail sentence as well.

The attorneys here at Robert R. Kurtz, Attorney at Law do not advise you refuse a blood or breath test. We recommend you obtain legal counsel from a skilled Knoxville criminal defense attorney at our firm as soon as possible following your arrest. Do not admit guilt regardless of whether your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level was above the legal limit of 0.08% and no matter what any officer or prosecuting attorney tells you. Put your trust in us to advise you of your rights and provide you with the aggressive representation you need.

Over the past 13 years we have helped countless individuals in and around the Knoxville area challenge the evidence brought forth against them so that they could avoid criminal conviction and retain their driving privileges. If you have been charged with an implied consent violation, or you were charged with DUI after failing a blood or breath test, you will need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side who will take a proactive approach to challenge the charges you face. Call our firm and let us provide you with the zealous defense you need when fighting to protect your rights and defend your freedom.

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